blood orphans

*Blood Orphans is the songwriting and performance project of Matt Summers et. al started jan. 2013 in Eureka, CA. The lineup is a rotation of members as available which has changed in mainstays since relocating to Olympia, WA spring 2015. drawing influence from peers, interest in ambient noise and minimalism.
*Always centering communication and encouraging empathy and compassion to understanding each other. The attempt to be vulnerable through art as a way to connect to others and open the floor to communal vulnerability.
*Involvement with independent art communities in arcata/eureka, ca when living there and now living at the track house in olympia, wa assisting in hosting events and promoting independent art and community building.
*email: bloodorphans94 [at] gmail [dot] com

release history:

photo credit to bella king and alyssa giannini